Rubber Bands Are Versatile and Here’s Why

Rubber bands can usually be found in a random kitchen drawer at home. Sometimes, you keep others in a desk in your office. Whatever the case, they’re usually associated with other similar shipping supplies.

But we’ve got a few handy uses for rubber bands that you likely hadn’t thought of. These ideas will have you stocking up on rubber bands and using them at will any chance you get.

Tie your hair.

When your hair gets longer, sometimes it’s useful to tie it up in a bun or a ponytail. And while not everyone would choose a rubber band for the job at first, it definitely works in a pinch!

Keep books safe and closed in your bag.

Often times, books can flip open inside your bag, potentially damaging the pages inside. By binding your books with rubber bands, you can make sure they’re safe whenever you’re on the move.

Keep your clothes wrapped tight during travel.

Have you ever done this? When packing specific outfits for vacation or just a sleep over at a friend’s place, rubber bands are wonderful to keep your clothes rolled up and together in whatever outfit you put together.

Prevent your cutting board from slipping.
Wooden and plastic cutting boards often come without rubber feet. And wielding a chef’s knife on an unstable base sounds extremely unsafe. Create rubber “feet” by wrapping each end of a slick cutting board with rubber bands.

Bind chip bags (and other snacks).
I can’t say how often I’ve seen my friends worry about finding extra chip clips. I grew up rolling the bag down and binding it with a rubber band to keep the chips fresh. Simple, yet a no-brainer.

Prevent your tea bags from falling into a mug.
If you brew your tea loose leaf or steep tea bags in a large pot before serving, you’re likely not too bothered by this problem. But for the many (like me) who steep tea bags in their mugs of hot water at work and don’t have the luxury of brewing it loose leaf while on the job, this is a genius idea for keeping the tea bag fastened near the side of the mug (and not floating around in the middle).


Whatever you end up using rubber bands for, they’re easily the most versatile of all the shipping supplies lying around your house. Make the most of them now that you’ve got plenty of ideas on how to use them.

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