Should You Investigate Your Blocked Drain With a CCTV Survey in Melbourne?

Many people wonder how to check the sewers with a camera or even if it is useful at all. Well the best professional to perform this is a drain plumber, since he will be able to perform the whole analysis the way it is meant to be done. Well, a camera can truly be useful, especially if you have already tried to unclog the drains or any other pipe of your home. It is very important to have the help of a professional so you can get the job done properly.

There are tons of different equipment available.

The use of micro-cameras to unclog drains and inspection of pipes and pipes did become popular thanks to the use of USB devices waterproof cameras filming with LEDs for lighting. It is possible to find these cameras in equipment that also count with a wireless device that way making the images seen instantaneously. They are easy to find, practical and often do not cost much, especially for companies such as Drain cleaning Melbourne.

You need a professional here!

Check the drain pipes with a camera is the best way to visualize and locate damage or blockage problems in your sewer system or even drain system. The process is not simple and should be administered by an experienced plumber, the Drain cleaning Melbourneis a wonderful option for those who look for quality and speed. The necessary equipment can be very expensive for the home owner and are not items that everyone usually has mainly specialized camera.

The equipment needed!

Hiring a professional to use the camera of sewer pipes is the best option for a home owner . This common system is required to perform the inspection of sewers equipment. The kit will include a camera, monitor, sturdy cable and transmitter, which together analyze the sewer pipes of your home.

The professional will…

Expose the sewer pipes, digging around the entrance of the pipe. This should be a place that can safely be opened to insert the camera and cables. This step can also be done in the septic tank, if necessary. However, it is easier to insert the camera into the joint at the T pipe that usually sits on the surface of the yard.

blocked drain with CCTV


The Drain cleaning Melbourne professional will Insert the camera into the sewer pipe and check that the system is turned on. He will be able to do this by looking at the monitor and seeing the inside of the sewer pipe. The barrel itself has no light at all. However, the camera is designed to check it even at extremely low light levels. The professional will then push the cables that lead the camera deeper into the barrel, allowing the search for inconsistencies and more damage.


He will use the cable to direct the camera in places the pipe you want to see. The camera is controlled by cable, or by a remote control if a professional system, being both effective ways to see inside the drainpipe. Contact Drain cleaning Melbourneand get it done asap!

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